About Ostim OSB Management

08.11.2016, 14:09'de eklendi

OSTİM serves its members with “One-Stop Office (Tek Durak Ofis)” understanding within the frame of organized industrial zones legislate. OSTİM OSB carries out important projects with competitive, sustainable qualified industrial zone goal and offers strong infrastructure, cheap and qualified energy possibilities to businesses in the region.

OSTİM consists of 7 small industrial estate cooperatives and industrial structuring around this cooperatives and carry on its activities dependently at Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

OSTİM OSB has a visionary management model, which advances to perfection with improvement and supportive services directed, to pavement alongside basic inputs, infrastructure services, and improvement models, which has developed with solution partners. OSTİM OSB which is shown as example model and adopts “qualified, innovator, continuous and sustainable” concepts as a matter of priority measures its service quality constantly. OSTİM OSB takes firm steps forward being the first thing comes to mind at production and supply, local / national / competitive solutions that shape the Turkish industry and being global, leading industrial area by providing services beyond expectations.