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Message from the President

OSTİM Your Factory

Since its establishment, OSTİM producing at all hands with the spirit of solidarity and cooperation, is not only a physical industrial zone nearly completing half a century, but it does verbalize determination of working and achievement for domestic and national industry that this spirit represents.

Thus, OSTİM experiencing the advantage of being closer to the public, universities, technoparks, research centers, national and international primary industries, non-overnmental organizations and other related sectors both as the decision maker and needer authority as the first industrial zone of established in our country’s capital city, institutionalizing cooperation networks it has established and make them sustainable.

This cooperation network OSTİM has created throughout its production life, while rapidly transforming our lives and production styles, in the present day what and how we did matters rather than where we are in the world forms a valuable asset for our regional producers and our country. Because, companies in OSTİM not only take advantage of production/ service infrastructure and means owned by our region but also easily access to values and advantages ensured by this cooperation culture and also for many other opportunities required for production.This ecosystem creates a fertile basis to enable innovative, open to cooperation and competitive enterprises to survive.

If you also wish to have;
• Quality, rapid and low cost infrastructure service,
• To work with talented and experiences solution partners and expertized suppliers,
• To have expert support in the fields of education, consultancy, R&D, marketing, introduction, human sources,
• To get involved with developed cluster and cooperation networks in reference to your industry,
• To take advantage from OSTİM resources for many industries and business lines having a powerful equipment pool and talented man power,
• To closely chase innovations and development and to work in national strategic projects in your enterprise,

Come to OSTİM. Because, OSTİM is just your factory. For 50 years, this factory has been continuing

Best Regards;

Orhan Aydın

OSTİM Chairman of the Board