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Environment and Security Services

• To make necessary announcements in scope of legislations regarding the environmental subjects,
• Performing street and avenue cleanings in scope of environmental cleaning activities,
• Intervention to inconveniences such as unlicensed excavation pouring, occupation, etc. in scope of environmental audit activities and to solve the inconveniences,
• Asphalt renewal, asphalt patch and road construction works,
• Watering all green areas in the region, their maintenance and cleaning, and controls,
• Ensuring waste management,
• Sending waste papers to recycling with Waste Paper Recycling Project,
• Sending waste batteries to recycling with Waste Battery Separate Collection,
• Solid waste collection monitoring,
• Excavation waste collection monitoring,
• Manhole cover cleaning,
• Snow removal services,
• Disinfection activities in summer time,
• Day and night security services,

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