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4 Hünkar Yemek Gıda İhr. Imp. Singing. Trade Ltd. Sti.

Adres: Osb Abdulkadir Geylani Cad. 1424. Sok. D:4-6 Ostim, Yenimahalle, Ankara

Tel 1: 0 (312) 386 07-33

Tel 2: 0 (312) 386 07-33


Email 1: info@hunkarcatring.com

Web: http://www.hunkarcatering.com/

4 Hünkar Yemek Gıda İhr. Imp. Singing. Trade Ltd. Sti. About

Our company, which started out with the aim of presenting delicious and healthy meals with a rich variety suitable for the taste of every group by respecting people and life, is currently serving at a capacity of 15,000 meals in the sector, Hünkar Catering, in the field of mass nutrition, ensuring that adequate and balanced consumption in a hygienic environment in a healthy and high standard in the future. Our company, which makes it a principle to lead a life, has been documented with TSE, ISO, HACCP OHSAS ISO 14001 food production and Food Certificates.
Based on the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard of our company, which operates in the catering sector as HÜNKAR YEMEK & CATERING; Our main goal is to ensure the continuous improvement of our system by complying with the environmental legislation and other relevant legal requirements, to which we are bound, and to minimize our negative impacts on the environment during all our activities by preventing the damage caused by our facility to the environment. Our company aims to continuously improve the environmental management system and to use environmentally friendly products in order to achieve this goal.
Our organization, which is respectful to the environment and human health, provides the use of biodiesel by delivering the "Waste Oils", which are hazardous waste and have ecotoxic properties, to the authorized company licensed by the TR Ministry of Environment and Forestry, with "National Waste Transport Forms".
Our company, which sees and operates these as a necessity, not a necessity, is honored to serve you, our valued customer.
As the Hünkar Yemekcilik family at every level of the food industry, the high motivation provided by effective communication, performance management and career planning of our employees will thus be our strength.
Hünkar Yemek, which combines the accumulation and experience of many years in the food sector with the requirements of the age, transfers it to mass nutrition and catering services, can guarantee that it will maintain its signature in the food sector for many years with the trust it has received from its customers since 1998 with its honest, commercial understanding and principles. Regards.


To be a perfectionist in the food industry, who can communicate flawlessly with our customers, adopt responsibility as a principle, follow self-confident production and creativity with technological developments.


Leader, Pioneer, Reliable, to maintain our position. To be the most preferred catering company in our sector.

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