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Aktem Elektrik San. Trade Ltd. Sti.

Adres: 1202. CADDE (ESKİ 43/A) 15 C

Tel 1: 0 (312) 311 81-61

Faks: +90 312 386 162

Email 1: bilgi@aktemkablo.com

Email 2: exports@aktemkablo.com.tr

Web: http://www.aktemkablo.com

Aktem Elektrik San. Trade Ltd. Sti. About

AKTEM ELEKTRİK, which has been serving in the field of cable supply for more than 40 years in the sector, is one of the leading cable distributor companies in Turkey, which distributes the most advanced global and local technology cable products in a fast, safe and flawless manner. Since its establishment, AKTEM has been working with the aim of making its business partners more efficient, more profitable and competitive with its expertise in technology, operational efficiency, beneficial financial solutions, strong distribution chain and information infrastructure.

AKTEM, which is the Turkey distributor of numerous global and local cable brands, offers end-to-end solutions to over 5,000 active channel players with its wide product range and solution-based services. Our company, which has a solution-oriented expert staff in the wholesale of electrical materials and especially in the sale of all kinds of wholesale and retail cables, since the day it was founded;

Operating Conditions: Heavy Duty Cables, Normal and Light Duty Cables

Intended Use: Aerial Line Cables, Underground Cables

Facility Type: Fixed Plant Cables, Mobile Plant Cables

Voltage Value: Installation Cables (V < 0.6 kV), Low Voltage Cables (0.6/1 kV), Medium Voltage Cables (1-36 kV), High Voltage Cables (V > 36 kV)

Insulator Type : Thermoplastic Insulated Cables, Thermoset Insulated Cables, HFFR Insulated Cables

Conductor Type: Copper Conductor Cables, Aluminum Conductor Cables, as well as specially designed cables according to customer requests, Solar energy cables, communication cables, data cables and Fiber optic cables are distributed domestically and internationally.

Our services include local and global logistics operations, including the distribution of cables and electrical materials with world-renowned certifications to domestic and international markets.

Aktem Elektrik, which has a team of experts in the sector in terms of both foreign trade and technical infrastructure, has focused on quality products and services from the very first moment of its establishment. Thanks to its ability to provide fast solutions and after-sales support, it has become one of the leading distributors in the wholesale electrical materials distribution industry in a short time. It works with all its strength to become an exemplary organization in the sector in the fields of "Sustainability", "Financial Solutions", "Information and Access".

Aktem Elektrik offers "DBS" service to its customers in line with its agreements with banks, in addition to services such as diversity in its product range, information access service, fast supply and after-sales support. With the "DBS" system, the term DBS limits to be allocated to the business partners and the maturity options requested thanks to the trade credit insurance, it can offer a structure that will contribute to the development of business volumes and compete with the business partners.

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