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Aktug Dora Metal Machinery Insaat San. Ve Tic.Ltd.Sti

Adres: 1175. CADDE (ESKİ 7) 4

Tel 1: 0 (312) 354 78-79


Email 1: info@aktugmetal.com

Web: https://aktugmetal.com/

Aktug Dora Metal Machinery Insaat San. Ve Tic.Ltd.Sti About

Aktuğ Metal started to move towards the field of metal processing, which is currently the subject of its business, by determining that the shaping of metal in an area of 400m2 in Ostim in 1994 would provide added value to the company and our country. Reaching more than 150 personnel as of 2008, it reached the facilities that make production on a total area of 13000m2, including 5000m2 closed in Ankara - Ostim, 5000 m2 closed - 3000m2 open in Ankara - Kazan.

In this marathon, which we started with a 3 meter Abkant and 3 meter Guillotine, your steps should be enough for your big breath. In this sense, Tuğcular is one of the few companies that brought 6 mt press brakes and scissors in Ankara – Ostim as young entrepreneurs. Later, when we brought a 12-meter press brake bending machine, our goal was to be one of the few big companies in our field that would meet the needs of Turkey. And when we started to provide contract service as 12 meters twisting, we saw that our customers now exchanged ideas with us for overseas business and turned to offers. One of the points we really enjoy the most is exporting by trusting us.

Tuğcular Lazer put into service the Laser workbench, which is shown as the most important metalworking machine in many parts of the world, in line with the demands of its customers in 2005 and brought the latest system Bystronic brand laser workbench. The powerful and fast machine we brought enabled us to cut at a lower cost. This reflected positively on our customers. We do better quality transactions at a cheaper price. Our 36.5 meters (3,5 meters by 3 meters) 6 kW Laser cutting machine, which we brought at the beginning of 2008, is a first in Ankara. Our customers cut their materials by minimizing wastage when choosing this 6.5 meter laser bench. It can cut parts up to 6.5 meters in one piece, not in plasma, but on a laser machine that cuts better quality. Again, our 3 meters by 14 meters Laser cutting machine, which will become operational in Istanbul at the end of 2008, is a first in Turkey. Equipped with the latest system, this machine has made TUĞCULAR's machine park competitive with the world and has enabled it to offer a serious manufacturing capability to its customers. When our esteemed entrepreneurs give their domestic and international offers, we can refer to our machine tools and offer them the necessary importance and flexibility in terms of price and deadline.

Tuğcular Metal Factory produces Flagpole and Polygonal Poles in an area of 8000 m2. Project works coming to our factory are produced in accordance with our ISO 9001 and TSE certificates and delivered to their places. 12 meters of press brake bending, 12 meters of cold guillotine cutting, 3 meters of 12 meters of Plasma Cutting and also our machines suitable for other metal processing provide us with a flexible structure. This creates the capacity to manufacture all kinds of metal and steel work related to metal in our factory.

As TUĞCULAR metal, we believe that competition will bring benefits. We are not trying to be alone in Turkey. We strive to create a global market. A serious metal market in Turkey will bring us to the fore in the global world. As a matter of fact, we and our country seem to have achieved this volume in the automotive industry, medical industry, ship industry, energy industry, industrial structures and steel construction works. In order for these sectors to increase even more, companies like us with large machinery parks need to increase. Tuğcular's being alone does not create a market. Tuğcular has its rivals, but it is our principle to always be one step ahead of them.

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