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Alakoç Reklam İnş.Taah. Imp. Ihr. Singing. Trade Ltd. Sti.

Adres: 1180. CADDE (ESKİ 10) 20

Tel 1: 0 (312) 385 30-05

Faks: 0 312 385 77 56

Email 1: alakocreklam@hotmail.com

Web: http://www.alakocreklam.com/

Alakoç Reklam İnş.Taah. Imp. Ihr. Singing. Trade Ltd. Sti. About

Looking is the secret of seeing. To see is to go from darkness to light. Light is the source of colors. The colors of life share their beauty only with the eyes that see.

We know the importance of reaching eyes that see, for those who have something to say, effort to present, and purpose to share. We know the importance of the right look in the difficult but happy struggle of self-expression. We know that the hands reach not only for work, but also for loyalty and trust. We know what it means when your goal is our passion.

Being with you is often being against time.

Being with you is an oath of fidelity.

To be by your side is to offer unquestionably high quality.

To be with you is to reach common sense.

Being with you is being able to distinguish the keystone from other stones.

To be with you is to never lose sight of the north star.

How do we know these?

The experiences we gained in our journey that started in 1995 have always carried us to better and better.

The appreciation and admiration of countless institutions and organizations that have never left us alone on this journey have led us to make more efforts.

Every work we have accomplished has come closer to carrying a breeze of art in this process.

Above all, being with you made us who we are. He gave meaning to our knowledge, effort and trust as the fruit of a tree of life.

Being Alakoç Reklam means presenting the colors of life.

For this reason, for many years, outdoor advertising as an art has been painted in the colors of your goals.

To be Alakoç Reklam is to be the warm heart of friendship.

Therefore, the goals of our friends are our goals.

Being Alakoç Reklam is responsibility and hard work.

Therefore, time is our ancient helper.

We wanted to share with you again the honor and joy of Alakoç Reklam in reaching out to the future with you.

It is our greatest wish to always be together in our journey towards the colors of life.

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