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Alpena Balk.Camlm.End.Tas.Door Imal.Ihr.Ltd.Sti.

Adres: AHİ EVRAN CAD. 118

Tel 1: 0 (312) 385 50-80


Email 1: muhasebe@alpena.com.tr

Web: http://www.alpena.com.tr

Alpena Balk.Camlm.End.Tas.Door Imal.Ihr.Ltd.Sti. About

Alpena Balcony Glazing

It was established in 1995 to serve the sector in the sale of door, window accessories and side materials. Over the years, it has increased its product range and sales items and included bathroom products and balcony glazing products to its group companies.

Alpena Balcony Glazing unit started to work in the sector with imported glass balcony product in 2001.

It was determined that the product, which was sold for a while, did not fully meet the needs due to the differences in climatic conditions, and presented Elephant, a new and local brand belonging to Alpena balcony glazing company, to the sector.

Alpena Balcony Glazing unit Alpena Yapı Elemanları Ltd. Sti. In July 2008, it became a separate company and Alpena Balcony Glazing company was established.

Since the day it started the balcony glazing business in the sector, it has adopted a completely high quality production and service approach and developed the Elephant branded product every day in line with this understanding, providing solutions to different purchasing powers with the Elephant Professional and Elephant Junior series.

At this point, apart from Professional and Junior series; The Jumbo and 360 series, which are heavy thresholdless systems, and the economical product ABC Classic have also joined the product group.

All kinds of balcony glazing and sill-free showcase applications with Elephant branded products are provided in our production facilities in Ankara with outstanding workmanship and manufacturing and assembly services.

In addition, regional distributorship and general distribution are carried out in Central Anatolia, Black Sea, Eastern Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia and Mediterranean regions.

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