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Arab Aydogdu

Adres: 100. YIL BULVARI 35 N

Tel 1: 0 (312) 395 94-28


Email 1: ustunelektrik@yandex.com

Web: http://ankaraustunelektrik.com/

Arab Aydogdu About

Our company, which has been serving with the new vision, mission and team spirit established in 2014 with our 15 years of team experience, provides service in this field by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground.

The services rendered by our team are carried out in the shortest time or within the promised time, with an understanding that will definitely not make the customer suffer, in a timely manner with "customer satisfaction" at the forefront.

With this understanding and mission

  • wholesale electrical equipment,
  • Retail sale
  • Failure, Repair, Maintenance

With our services, we are always at your service in all parts of our country, especially in Ankara, in our place on OSTİM 100. Yıl Boulevard.

Aydınlatma Ekipmanları Elektrik İşleri - Malzeme ve Ekipmanları