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Atakoç Metal Kalıp Plastik San. Ltd. Sti.

Adres: 1183. CADDE (ESKİ 13) 31

Tel 1: 0 (312) 354 23-87


Email 1: info@atakoc.com.tr

Web: http://www.atakoc.com.tr/tr/

Atakoç Metal Kalıp Plastik San. Ltd. Sti. About

ATAKOÇ METAL KALIP PLASTİK SANAYİ was established in 1976 and we are excited to share its 38 years of knowledge and experience with our valued customers. Since the day we were founded, we have been serving our customers with our expert staff in the production of plastic injection molds, metal injection molds and special precision parts.

Our services include operations such as printing, assembly and logistics in our plastic injection machines ranging from gram to 1.500 grams, which have been in our company since 1994, after the mold making phase has been completed.

In addition, it has established a machining mass production line up to 32 mm in diameter with the CNC Sliding automaton, which it acquired in October 2014, and has taken the first step to meet the needs of its customers in the mass production sector.

Although it is a medium-sized enterprise, it has been recognized in the molding and plastic injection industry in a short time, thanks to the importance it attaches to quality from the first moment it was founded and its determination to succeed, and it has never given up on these principles.

The firm's unchanging principles; has always been quality service, timely delivery and reasonable price.

Working with the principle of honesty and quality in service, the guarantee of success and continuity in production, Atakoç Metal Kalıp Plastik Sanayi will continue to serve you today and in the future, thanking you for your close attention and support.

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