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Ayse Cosar - Toros Machine

Adres: 1181. CADDE (ESKİ 11) 15

Tel 1: 0 (312) 354 01-46


Email 1: torosmakina@hotmail.com

Web: http://www.torosmakine.com/

Ayse Cosar - Toros Machine About

Our company was established in 1947 under the brand name of Toros Makine Sanayi. In this process, which first started with the manufacture of mechanical scales, it also added the printing guillotine to its production. It has never lost its principle of quality, technology and customer satisfaction, which it has continued for more than half a century. Our company has increased its product range with the production of digital scales and programmed printing guillotines that have adapted to the developing technology. 1kg. It produces 80 tons of Toros scales - scales, scales, digital scales, electronic scales, blacksmith's scales, animal scales, floor scales, milk scales, truck scales, and foundry scales.

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