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Bama Technology Medical Devices Consulting Health B

Adres: 1213. CADDE (ESKİ 817) 15

Tel 1: 0 (312) 354 69-31


Email 1: defaultpk@bamateknoloji.com

Web: http://www.bamateknoloji.com/

Bama Technology Medical Devices Consulting Health B About

BAMA Teknoloji is an R&D company established in Ankara in 2010 to develop robotic rehabilitation systems.

BAMA Technology, which set out with the idea of Robot Assisted Gait Therapy System, has become a prominent technology company with its innovative and pioneering projects developed with the support of KOSGEB, TUBITAK and Ankara Development Agency. Our company; It has been the subject of TÜBİTAK Success Stories and has been selected by the Economist Magazine as one of the “15 Star Companies from Technopolises” throughout the country. Operating in the field of health technologies and producing innovative mechatronic solutions has given our team the opportunity to work interdisciplinary with academics and medical doctors. In this direction, the activities carried out with the support of Ankara University Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center Gait and Movement Analysis Laboratory, METU Mechanical Engineering Gait Analysis Laboratory and many academicians who are experts in their fields have played an important role in the success of our R&D processes. As BAMA Technology, our primary goal is to ensure the accessibility of disabled people to treatment and devices that make their lives easier, with more technological, safer and economical products that we have developed for Turkey and the world. BAMA Teknoloji is the first and only domestic manufacturer of robotic rehabilitation in Turkey with its prominent product Robogait®.

BAMA Technology, which has turned its face to the field of biomedical, continues on its way by rapidly developing its product range with its rapidly growing young and dynamic staff, excitement and determination for new designs.

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