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Bezirgan Corporate Services

Adres: D BLOK 1132. SOKAK (ESKİ 229) 17


Email 1: info@bezirgan.com.tr

Web: https://www.bezirgan.com.tr/

Bezirgan Corporate Services About

As Bezirgan Corporate Services Inc., we provide mass food production services to public institutions and organizations with our experienced staff.
Hygiene, health, quality and taste are among our indispensable principles in mass food production. This understanding has been registered with the quality certificates received by our company.
It is among our goals to grow with a new and strong perspective by making a difference in the mass food production sector by offering instant, fast and practical solutions to problems and requests with our professional and expert staff.


Company Vision

To protect human health in a team spirit by complying with legal regulations and conditions,

To give the best answers to the needs and expectations of our customers with the products we produce in hygienic environments and conditions,

To maximize customer satisfaction and to ensure continuity by making investments required by technology,

To take a position at a level that can reach our quality targets,

To constantly review and improve our management systems by complying with the conditions in force for occupational health and safety,

To be a pioneer in the service sector with the coordination of all our employees, to guide;

Our company is our vision.


Company Mission

For companies, the productivity factor is so important that it cannot be ignored anymore. For this reason, just as machines that are not well maintained and use the right energy source will decrease their efficiency or become inoperable, their workers also need the right nutrients.

Our studies have shown us that the people working in the industrial zone cannot get the amount of calories they need to consume daily and this reflects negatively on the working area.

The reasons for this situation are;

  • Employee skipping lunch,
  • Insufficient food prepared by someone who is not a cook in the company,
  • Meals produced from non-fresh products, for which material adjustments cannot be made, etc. causing stomach ailments,
  • Eating cheap for meals, consuming foods that do not comply with health, etc.

All this will reduce productivity and reduce profit margins. Consumption of cheap materials, which seems profitable for the company, will return as inefficiency and cost much more.

Although cooking seems simple, even when the same ingredients are used, there are different amounts of nutrients and calories. Apart from this, various problems that occur when companies make their own production (late bread, lack of food, burning, etc.) are an extra problem for them. But when the need for food is met from outside and working with a professional company in this regard, you can focus more on your own business and get rid of unnecessary losses.

Among the solutions we will offer you, we aim to ensure that the employees have a healthy body by being fed with different product groups.

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