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Devir Factoring A.Ş.

Adres: 100. YIL BULVARI 99 62

Tel 1: 0 (312) 332 40-00


Email 1: ozge.demirhan@devirfaktoring.com

Web: http://www.devirfaktoring.com/default.asp?LanguageID=1

Devir Factoring A.Ş. About

Devir Factoring A.Ş. It was established in May 1991, under the leadership of Levi family, in partnership with Demirbank in order to offer factoring, a modern service and financing method, to the use of Turkish industrialists and businessmen, and to be among the leading institutions providing this service. It has taken its first steps towards institutionalization by incorporating a pioneering foreign consultant with 25 years of factoring experience.

Devir Factoring A.Ş. The aim of the company is to find and offer contemporary financial solutions to manufacturers and dealers operating in the domestic markets by acting in this direction and wanting to grow by keeping up with the constantly developing and changing world and market conditions in our country.

Devir Factoring A.Ş. Its expert staff consists of a team of young and dynamic managers with banking and factoring experience, aware of the service they provide and always ready to assist their customers.

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