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Emay Hydraulic Machinery Systems San. and Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Adres: 1202/1. CADDE (ESKİ 31) 4

Tel 1: 0 (312) 354 05-65

Tel 2: 0 (312) 354 68-60


Email 1: hakkisefaus@gmail.com

Email 2: info@emayhidrolik.com.tr

Web: http://www.emayhidrolik.com.tr/index.html

Emay Hydraulic Machinery Systems San. and Tic. Ltd. Sti. About

Our company, which is active in the production of construction equipment hydraulic cylinders and industrial hydraulic cylinders, was established in 1976. It is our basic production logic to produce by combining technology with experience and experience. We have all the machinery and facilities required for the production of hydraulic cylinders. For this reason, as Emay Hydraulic has the important feature of producing hydraulic cylinders without being dependent on the outside, this gives us the opportunity to monitor the production stages one-to-one and to produce error-free.

In addition to the hydraulic cylinders of work-construction and excavation machines and industrial hydraulic cylinders, it appeals to many sectors, including the production and revision of hydraulic cylinders used in vehicles and equipment used in dams, road and tunnel construction, all on-vehicle equipment, surface and underground mining machines. we are doing.

Fast and on-time production, trouble-free operation of the products and our after-sales support services are among the reasons why we are preferred.

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