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Erdal Kılınç-Gök-Er Paint Coating

Adres: 1207. SOKAK (ESKİ 805) 3 C

Tel 1: 0 (312) 385 47-89

Faks: 0312 385 47 90

Email 1: goker_boya@hotmail.com

Web: https://gokerboya.com/

Erdal Kılınç-Gök-Er Paint Coating About

Our company, located in Ostim, one of the most important industrial zones of Ankara, aluminum profile, aluminum plate, iron profile, iron sheet, advertising signs, elevator doors, steel doors, prefabricated containers, children's playgroups, electrical panels, wrought iron, natural gas pipes, radiator It carries out the dyeing process of all kinds of materials such as honeycombs, wire mesh, lighting lamps with different methods such as wet painting or powder paint.
Your orders, prepared in line with your demands with our expert and experienced staff, are delivered to you in the promised time and in the promised quality. Quality materials and quality workmanship are our priority in all our works, and we try to deliver long-lasting, aesthetic painting works as soon as possible.
Our company follows technological innovations and developments and integrates its long years of experience with its innovative structure.
Our goal is to be the primary and permanent choice of our customers.
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