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Hubsan Company


Tel 1: 08503024797

Tel 2: 08508854151


Email 1: satis@hubsan.com.tr

Web: www.drone.net.tr

Hubsan Company About

Hubsan Company was established in Ankara Çankaya Kızılay in 2018 and first started to provide drone sales services. In 2019, it produced Turkey's best-selling drone model, the Aden E58. The Aden E58 model continues to be produced locally with a rate of 78%. In the last quarter of 2019, it provides Robot Vacuum Cleaner Technical Service in Ostim Organized Industrial Zone with 30 TSE approved services in 7 geographical regions. At the beginning of 2021, it produced the Aden E58 Pro drone model and offered it for sale. It manufactures plastic and metal injection molds with the Plastic Injection Machine and CNC machines it has acquired since November 2021. It serves the Automotive industry as well as the Aerospace and Air Defense industry. In addition to 5-axis CNC benches and other modern CNC benches, it is a candidate to become one of the leading companies in the mold industry with its investments in Double-head EDM, Deep hole drilling, Mold practice and Mold trial injection machinery.

Hubsan Drone sales official site www.drone.net.tr

Hubsan Robot vacuum cleaner official sales site www.roboking.com.tr

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