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Pakistan Determined To Carry Out Cooperation Agreements

Pakistan took action to quickly implement the cooperation agreements it signed with Turkey. Doctor From Pakistan Air Force Command Liaquat Ullah Iqbal exchanged views on the conduct of cooperation in many areas, especially defense and aviation.

30 Haz 2021 Çar | 04:56
Pakistan Determined To Carry Out Cooperation Agreements

Dr. Liaquat Ullah Iqbal and Dr. Tauseef ur Rehman from Pakistani Air Force Command visited OSTİM. During the visit, the delegation exchanged views on the implementation of cooperation agreements between the two countries in civil sectors such as agriculture, energy and medical, especially in defense and aviation.

In the program, Pakistan Air Force officers, OSTİM Board Chairman Orhan Aydın, Board Member Behzat Zeydan, OSTİM OIZ Regional Director Adem Arıcı, OSTİM Defense and Aviation Cluster (OSSA) Board Member İbrahim Uğurlu, Ostim Technopark General Manager Dr. Derya Çağlar and OSSA Coordinator Dr. Uğur Aydın met.

Cooperation in civil aviation and space

Dr. Liaquat Ullah Iqbal said that they are working to carry out the cooperation agreements signed between Pakistan and Turkey at the Presidential level. Expressing that he visited OSTİM 2 years ago, Iqbal stated that he shared the information he obtained from OSTİM with his country managers.

Providing information about the Aviation City Project, which is under construction near the capital Islamabad, the Commander stated that they have cooperation agreements with Turkey not only in military aviation but also in civil aviation and space studies and that they want to work in areas where cooperation can be made with OSTİM and OSSA.

”Add OSSA to your roadmap"

OSTİM Chairman of the Board Orhan Aydın reminded that Pakistan is in an important position for Turkey historically and culturally. Aydin said, "When it comes to Pakistan, our heart beats differently."

Drawing attention to the importance of cooperation with public institutions, Aydın gave the following messages: “It is important to work with people who are actually in the field to make solid contributions. OSTIM has the widest ecosystem that can make solid contributions to collaborations and meet your needs. You should also add OSSA to your working roadmap. We are also ready to support any cooperation with OSSA.”

Emphasizing that as OSTİM OIZ, they can develop end-to-end solutions in many issues, Aydın said, “We can meet all your requests and needs with our clusters in the business and construction machinery, medical, energy, rubber, rail systems and communication technologies sectors. Ostim Technopark and OSTIM Technical University are also ready to cooperate with you."

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