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Step Engineering Electrical Installation Industry. Ve Tic.Ltd.S.

Adres: 30. Sokak No:2/1 Ostim - Ankara

Tel 1: 0 (312) 354 12-00


Email 1: info@adimsan.com.tr

Web: www.adimsan.com.tr

Step Engineering Electrical Installation Industry. Ve Tic.Ltd.S. About

ADIMSAN was first established in 1987 to produce and implement turnkey projects from project design to maintenance and after-maintenance services in the assembly industry in the cement, glass factories and industrial establishments in the country. It aims to use this production in accordance with the occupational and worker safety procedures of the enterprises. With its young and dynamic team with a successful history in this sector, it has adopted a principle that considers total quality and customer satisfaction as its first priority in its field of expertise. If it is necessary to list a few principles in the work approach of Adımsanin, it can be summarized as the most affordable price, creative-innovative design and close relations with the customer instead of the lowest price.
In the country, the Adımsan business development team is in a teamwork that considers and implements all kinds of options for an alternative manufacturing and business development.

He took part in projects abroad that were meticulously selected and created difference and value. Adimsan completed these proven projects on time, in line with the principles of project management, taking into account the interaction of budget and time. Adimsan, whose experience has been constantly increasing, starting from the design, purchasing, shipping, assembly and commissioning stages, has also created a privilege as a company that offers alternative solutions and cost analyzes to its customers in these matters. As a result, it has provided all its customers with a quality service that exceeds their expectations.

Adimsan has used a method that turns out to be beneficial for both parties in solving problems and in mutual teamwork. The most important proof of the success of this method is the works that are constantly renewed and continued.

However, in the Central Asian European sector, it continues to renew itself in order to play a leading role in the beginning of partnerships, to share the employer risk and to turn the contractor-subcontractor relations into a customer partnership understanding.

Our products are guaranteed for 1 year and deliveries are made with stock goods capacity in orders.

We have always seen our goals as the realization of the best, and we prided ourselves on reaching our goals in a short time. We made a promise to ourselves, then to our customers, to move forward with determined steps on this road.

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