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Machinery and Machinery Equipment

The machinery and machinery equipment sector is one of the fields considered as the locomotive for the national economy. The machinery and machinery equipment sector, which has an important role in making production sustainable and realizing new business investments, is of great importance for OSTİM.

OSTİM, which is the most important small and medium-sized business center that comes to mind when it comes to production in Turkey, manages to be a valuable actor for economic development with its hundreds of brands and production areas. With OSTİM, which supports the improvement of SME performance in order to grow and develop Turkey within the framework of its 2023 targets, new initiatives become reality.

Machinery and Machinery Equipment Production Areas Considering the sectors where production takes place in the field of machinery and machinery equipment, the diversity is quite high. OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone manages to be the driving force not only of Ankara but also of Turkey. Well, which areas come to the fore in the production of machinery and machine equipment in OSTİM? Wood and Woodworking Machinery In addition to being a country where forests occupy a large place within the framework of its natural structure, Turkey is also highly developed in wood and wood processing. It has achieved this feature by producing wood and woodworking machines.

Moreover, export-oriented growth is realized with high quality and reliable solutions produced within OSTİM. Asphalt Machinery and Plant Equipment In Turkey, where road construction works have reached a very valuable point, domestically made asphalt machines and plant equipment are used in the construction of highways and other roads.

Thanks to these machines produced in OSTİM with 100% domestic capital, the machinery and machinery equipment sector is also performing very successful works. As a sector that gains value in growing Turkey, asphalt machinery and plant equipment are also very valuable in creating employment.

Welding Machines Manufacturing The production of welding machines, which is one of the indispensable parts of the production processes, is also carried out within the body of OSTİM. Machinery exports are increasing with the products produced by the brands that act with the understanding of domestic capital and domestic production. Moreover, it becomes easier for both domestic and foreign consumers to purchase machinery and equipment. The manufacture of welding machines, which is one of the most important sectors in OSTİM, is vital for the domestic economy. Agricultural Machinery Agricultural Tools and Spare Parts One of the conditions for the sustainable quality of agricultural production is to develop solutions with domestic and national equipment. Based on this understanding, entrepreneurs make investments within OSTİM.

Thus, OSTİM succeeds in being the pride of Turkey in the field of agricultural machinery, agricultural tools and spare parts. It facilitates the transition from labor-intensive solutions to capital-intensive solutions, especially with agricultural equipment that can be used by domestic producers. Other Production Sectors in the Field of Machinery and Machinery Equipment OSTİM is one of the foundations of sustainable production and development. In this respect, it manages to grow with new investments day by day. Only in the machinery and machinery equipment sector, the number of production areas is 14. At this point, it is possible to mention that hundreds of companies provide opportunities to domestic and foreign investors. The main sectors that come to mind when it comes to machinery and machinery equipment in OSTİM are as follows.

Moreover, each of these sectors succeeds in creating new employment areas while supporting domestic production. Weighing Systems Water Treatment – ​​Drilling – Water Pump and Valve Systems Marble, Tile and Granite Machines Laboratory Testing Equipment Conveyor and Systems Hydraulic Cylinder – Hydraulic – Pneumatic Systems and Spare Parts Air Compressed Systems While creating the values ​​of OSTİM, the brands and organizations serving in all these sectors also play an important role in the development of Turkey.

The volume of brands that act with the understanding of domestic production and sustainable growth is increasing. Thus, new investments continue to make a difference within OSTİM!